We love The Golden Girls (1985-92) and we love the house they shared throughout the series. Let’s face it, it’s a shining beacon of 80’s Miami decadence, filled to the brim with details we will always admire. 


1: Bamboo-zlingly Amazing Furniture

In our heads, we envisioned it as wicker, despite having devoured every episode of this show ever put out there. But on closer inspection, the striking suite that sits centre stage of the iconic living from is crafted from bamboo – topped with a coral pink fabric that wouldn’t look out of place in a retro-inspired space nowadays.

Here's What the Golden Girls' Miami Home Would Look Like in 2018

Image: Apartment Therapy


2: The Teeny Dining Table

The set for the most in-depth discussions, ridiculous antics and caustic sarcasm (thank you, Dorothy and Sophia)), this tiny kitchen table – complete with check tablecloth (fabric, not oil cloth) and white bar-back dining chairs is still a favourite.

We salute our honorary grandmothers with a look back at their Miami home.

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3: The Lanai

Who wouldn’t love a palm-tree laden, mini paradise in our back garden? Give us a sun lounger and a glass of ice tea and we’ll happily enjoy the Miami sunshine.

The Golden Girls might've gone off the air but, come on, it's not like they ever went away.

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4: Blanche’s Palm Motif Bedroom

Wall art and matching bed covers complete with pink sheets, a pink bedroom suite and soft carpet? Blanche’s bedroom is not only huge, but its 80’s Miami feel is so on the money that we can’t help but admire it, even if it’s not something we might put into our own homes.

7 Things We Loved About "The Golden Girls" House - HouseBeautiful.com

Photo: House Beautiful


5: Fresh Flowers Everywhere

Inside, outside, in the bedrooms or kitchen, you could almost always spot freshly cut and perfectly potted blooms of exquisite flowers on display in this house. The love of greenery and florals is something that we might need to embrace a little more in modern, overly contemporary spaces.

The Golden Girls Before Golden Girls Estelle Getty: Sophia Petrillogoodhousemag

Image: Good Housekeeping