90’s Interior Magic: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

As the release of the new ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ comes closer on Netflix – just in time for Halloween – we’re casting our minds back to the original ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ series, which ran from 1996 – 2003. While the new adaptation seems to focus on a darker story, the comedic, lovable and relatable original series will always be our first love. And it’s not just the surprisingly sassy dialogue, quirky characters or amazing guest stars (remember Britney Spears’ appearance?) that we remember fondly, but also the actual house that Sabrina lived in. From its Gothic exterior to its overwhelmingly 90’s interior, we want it all.



The Exterior

Gothic towers, fine tracery and window shutters? Amazing.

Photos: Tumblr, Pinterest


Sabrina’s Bedroom

Purple rag washed walls, a velvet ruffled chaise, bedspreads galore and a surprisingly lovely mix of textures and patterns like plaid, florals and stars, may not seem like a happy combination. But here, in the context, it’s amazing. The cherry on top? The jewel-toned stained glass windows.

Photos: Tumblr, Domino, Fanpop, Apartment Therapy, Comediva



Kitchen/Dining/Potions Room

First of all, yes that is Bryan Cranson you see below…

But going back to the interiors, we have to take a moment to appreciate the purple panels on the cream door and the foliage motif on the tie-back seat cushions.

Photos: Pinterest, Popsugar


Foyer/Living Room

For pastel lovers, the purple palette on the panelled walls has to be an immediate win and we’re obsessed with the sheer number of plants like hanging ivy and climbers to be seen dotted around this space. Delicate metal pieces like the standing shelf by the door follow up on the Gothic feel of the exterior and theme of the show, but it’s perfectly blended with cosy options to hammer home that this is a family home at the end of the day – albeit a family of witches.

Photos: Pinterest, Sabrina Wiki


But let’s face it, the best part about Sabrina’s house? Salem lives there…