A Small but Inspirational Home

Many homeowners find themselves wishing for a larger living space from time to time, but as we’re about to see in the below pictures even the smallest houses can be transformed into wonderful homes with some careful planning and furniture and furnishing placement!

Today’s post comes courtesy of Apartment Therapy, who recently spoke to Pennsylvanian couple Haley and Michael about their magical 160 square foot home.


Happy living in a small space requires creative thinking: Haley and Michael’s lounge area doubles as a bed, enabling them to use a single space for two separate purposes.


Smaller living spaces also call for smart storage solutions, like the pretty storage baskets the couple keeps on a shelf above the lounge / bed area.


Haley and Michael understand the importance of vertical space and how to make the most of it: by using similarly sized rectangular boxes, the couple are able to neatly store items one under the other.


This view of the kitchen gives a good idea of how the combination of smart storage solutions and stripped down furnishings can make a smaller living space feel incredibly cosy.