Amazing Interiors: The Netflix Show You Need to Watch

Netflix have outdone themselves with this latest Interiors-centred show and we’re obsessed. We can’t get enough of it. Amazing Interiors is exactly what it claims to be. Each episode explores completely unique homes, as well as interviews their (often) eccentric owners. Now, when we say ‘unique’ homes, we mean it. This isn’t an exploration of innovations in underfloor heating or even a look at quirky decor – these are spaces that have been completely dedicated to the fantastic and offbeat aesthetics of those who own them. Even we haven’t seen every episode yet, though they are worthy of a weekend binge, so our plans for tonight may be sorted. Pass the popcorn!




Not to spoil the episodes, but here are a few images that hint at what to expect and what’s to come.


The House of Murals

Look at that paint job. We’re in love with this dedication to colour.



Aquarium House

This is like something you imagined yourself living in when you were seven.



House of Horrors

It’s not for everyone, but horror fans will swoon over this ‘to-die-for’ home.



Circus House

If you’re a fan of drapery, embroidery and closed-off, intimate spaces, you’ll love this.



Pink Palace

Move over Barbie, because your doll house has just gotten an upgrade. A perfectly pink upgrade.


Secret Boudoir

The level of detail in this space is ridiculous. Chandeliers everywhere.



Medieval Dining Hall

Goblets, drapes and Gothic windows galore!


With 12 episodes to stream and many more spaces to explore, you can see why we might like this series.

*All images are the property of Netflix.