Take the Tour – Inside Actress Liv Tyler’s New York Home


Hollywood actress Liv Tyler has been a Manhattan resident for many years now.  She first made her home in the West Village nearly twenty years ago, in 2001.

Over the course of the last two decades, she has painstakingly sought to restore her 19th-century abode.

“When I found it, it was really, really, really run down. You really needed to have the vision to see what it would be—and I could just see it.” the actress told Architectural Digest.


Tyler made it her mission to restore the home, which had originally been built in the 1800s, to its former glory.

“It was weird because even though I was so young, I really wanted to bring the house back to its original glory. I wanted to really honour the house and put back all the beautiful details,”


Her favourite room in the house, she confesses, is her children’s bathroom.

“The way the tree looks, through the window…it’s like this amazing bonsai or something, with branches going in strange directions. And the leaves are just beautiful,”


One of the most striking rooms of the house acts as her childrens bedroom. Filled with natural light and the most luxurious furnishings, Tyler has created a playroom paradise for her youngest children.

“At one time it was my office. Then it was [oldest son’s] Milo’s room. Then it became Sailor’s room. Now it’s Sailor and Lula’s room and has been like this since I have had my [younger] children. This is where we play and read stories.”she explains.

80’s-Inspired Modern Interior Details

A time which saw the rise of Molly Ringwald, the introduction of beloved alien E.T, a rainbow of make-up shades employed from lash to eyebrow, a renewed ‘Modern Love’-era Bowie, the sweep of t-bar necklaces and even the dreaded bum bag; the 1980’s was one of the more iconic decades of the 20th century. The wonderful strangeness of the era was echoed in home interiors, many of the styles riding the wave that the 1970’s had started. Thankfully, the heavy, unnecessary elements can be taken away from the core features, allowing 80’s-inspired modern interiors to be introduced into our homes. We have put together some ideas to get the ball rolling and the design dreams flowing. 


Hanging Plants, Ivy & Palm

Let’s think of ‘The Golden Girls’ for a second. Remember how many plants and plant motifs were dotted around their Miami home? Scale that down and you probably remember something similar in your own home. Perhaps a hall hanging pot with ivy spilling over its sides, or a cascade of greenery rolling over high-set cabinets?

The modern approach: Don’t overdo it. Keep your plants trim, uncluttered and place them in spaces that need a lift, treating them as a feature in themselves, not just an add-on.

Photo: Bloglovin.com



Miami Nice

Speaking of palm leaves and Miami, riding off the back of the 1970’s, this particular plant was often paired with a very specific colour – pink. A combination that has come back into the world of interiors with a stylistic vengeance.

The modern approach: Save it for one specific feature. This can be as large or small a feature as you wish, but one is enough. If you want pink and palm curtains or a duvet, go for it, but don’t decorate the entire room this way. Save some room for complementary minimalism or clean space. We love this framed picture idea for incorporating the trend.

Photo: Etsy.com

Picture Perfect Pastels

Soft pinks, blues, purples, yellows… you name it, it went into the house. Usually with a combination of all these soft tones in one feature – most often the couch or wallpaper.

The modern approach: Fortunately pastels are an easy update when it comes to modernisation, as the colours themselves remain uplifting and pretty, but the way they’re used has changed. Take this image below, for example. Not only does it employ the pastel trend, but bonus points for the use of (striped) wallpaper in the bathroom, an actual wall border and wooden wall paneling! And somehow, despite all this, it’s gorgeous, because the shades have been carefully chosen and balanced with white and cream. Applause.

Photo: Hearthandmade.co.uk

Wood & Wicker

Remember those carved wooden dining chairs with the rounded back panels that dug into the body as if they were built to make you sit straight? Yeah, those. Often high-backed, with some sort of wicker or cushioned base – though the cushion was removable, tied on with slightly dodgy strings – those chairs were very of the time and it might seem a bit of a stretch to create a contemporary version of those, but it can be done.

The modern approach: Thankfully the 80’s chair has evolved into a refined, though still quite solid to sit on, form. These beautiful dark wood dining chairs below even have the traditional wicker seat, but it is beautifully woven to create a sharp array of detail, while the curved legs and frame of the chair handsomely fit around it, the wood offering a high-shine polish and architectural dedication to design.

Photo: Room.nl

Curtain Call

The dedication to drapery in the 80’s was astounding. Layers upon layers of fabric, dressed with valances and window jabots were the thing. Of course, it wasn’t necessarily just to cover windows. Door curtains, bed curtains, they all were very much in vogue. Well, running with this multi-layered fabric dressing idea, the look can be brought to a new standard – but it will always have a very ornate, retro or vintage feel. It’s simply too embedded in a bygone mindset, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work with contemporary styling.

The modern approach: Own it. Go for an ornate or shine fabric to play up the retro/vintage feel, but pair it with a clean, minimalist wall colouring and floor, so it doesn’t become overpowering.

Photo: Celuce.com


Heart of Glass

Glass tabletops, lamp bases, coasters… need I go on? Glass was the easy-clean, but decorative answer to everything in the 80’s.

The modern approach: An architectural base or frame, like the elegant hairpin legs on our Ikon Dining Table will instantly update a glass table, or the diamond-like framework on on the table below, adding interest and stealing away the 1980’s overkill.

Photo: Notey.com

Detailed Displays

While they might have held every ornament in the house – as well as the good wedding china – display cabinets were popular kitchen and living room features forty years ago. But even still, they have managed to hold onto the interior style train, slotting into a 2018 home as easily as they might have in a 1988 home.

The modern approach: It’s more what you put inside it. Curated, tidy contents and an opportunity for further design detail are the things to keep in mind when filling your shelves.

Photo: Homeanddelicious.com


Modern Florals: Decorative Inspo from Bloom 2018

Bloom 2018 has given us the perfect excuse to explore our favourite ways to do florals this season. The flower-filled, horticulturist’s paradise that is Bloom took place over the weekend in the Phoenix Park, organised by Bord Bia, giving us a wealth of natural beauty to inspire and lead our chosen interior trend this week. The concept of modern florals takes direct inspiration from the elegant design, fresh flowers, lively greenery and dedication to colour that Bloom provides every year.



Bloom 2018

All photos are the property of photographer Cyril Byrne & The Irish Times


Hello Yellow

Colour inspiration was to be found in the Marie Keating Foundation Sunsmart Garden by Peter Cowell and Monty Richardson (also known as The Hairy Gardeners). The use of this signature yellow not only representing the message behind the garden – promoting sun protection and awareness of the risks of skin cancer to the public –  but also conveyed a stunning visual delight of yellow tones sitting among the greenery.

Photo credits: (left to right) Oncewed.com, Sfgirlbybay.com, Classiccasualhome.com, Flickr.com, Journeyinsidemyhead.tumblr.com


By the Grace of Green

Bold, bright or pastel tones are nothing in the garden without their green base and/or backdrop. We love greenery in the home – as many plants as possible please! Look how beautifully they work outside across all of Bloom’s displays, supporting and complementing the other design details. And they do the same thing for interiors. What’s not to love?

Photo credits: (left to right) Yasminefloraldesign.com, Nickkisplate.com, Pinterest.ie, Wearescout.com, Chelseafuss.com, Ruemag.com



Full On Floral

From traditional vase arrangements, to magnificent flower chandeliers and dried flowers preserved in glass, there are so many ways to use these natural decorations in the home, making the design as uncomplicated or extravagant as you wish.

Photo credits: (left to right) Monicawantsit.com, it.paperblog.com, Interiordesignwebguide.com, Blog.potterbarnkids.com, Lonny.com, Pinterest.com

Man Your Decoration Stations

Though Bloom itself is all about the fresh and natural, we can’t help but fall in love with floral design in the home, on the walls, furniture, floors or (if you’re very lucky) set into your windows. Elegant and extremely striking, the injection of this motif into the home will tie it into a romantic, sophisticated aesthetic that is truly modern, despite its very traditional, old-world inspiration.

Photo credits: (left to right) Pinterest.ie, Pinterest.ie, Myhouseidea.com, Lonny.com, Censationalstyle.com, Notapaperhouse.com, Midnightpoem.tumblr.com




Why not pick up a pair of Fine Bedding Clusterfull Pillows for only €30 from our Bed Linen department and treat yourself to endless nights of luxurious comfort. The Clusterfull Pillow Pair gives you a soft, fluffy and wonderfully plump set of pillows with the freshness of pure cotton. Both pillows are non-allergenic and offer medium support with a pure cotton cover. Home wash at 40 degrees for easy care.


Add a splash of glamour and sophistication to your home by using Bold or Subtle Stripes to create a dramatic feature wall.
Bold stripes look great in Entrance Halls or Living Rooms while soft coloured stripes are ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms.
This look is equally effective whether using paint or wallpaper, however paint will give you the freedom to be as creative with your colour palette as you would like to be!
Using horizontal stripes helps to make your room appear bigger as it lengthens the look of the walls while vertical stripes help to give height to a room.
Another great advantage with using Stripes is that they look amazing in both traditional and contemporary settings so they allow you to be more versatile while accessorizing your room.


Pretty In Pink

Blush Pink is an essential colour palette for 2016. Soft and cool it gives an distinct elegance to any room setting. It can also blend easily with contrasting colour shades and can add a softness to strong dramatic tones. Here it is teamed with duckegg and neutral hues to give a classic twist to a contemporary setting. The Soho sofa looks sophisticated and makes a strong statement with its clean lines and colour shade making it the perfect foil for the busyness of the Bouquet Blush Cushion from our new Scatter Box range. Treat yourself to a little bit of classic style this year and make your home a haven of comfort.

Eli Wall Clock Large €149.95

SB Bouquet Blush – Scatter Box Bouquet Blush Cushion €39

SB Luna Grey-Lavender reverse – Scatter Box Luna Grey/Lavander Cushion €33

Soho 3 seater – Soho 3 Seater Sofa was €1199 NOW €599

Just in Time

Clock have made a huge comeback and are the ultimate statement piece for your room. Gone are the days when a clock was hidden in the kitchen and only viewed for its functionality. Nowadays clocks are considered a vital furnishing accessory for any room in the house in the same way as pictures and wall art are seen as the ultimate wall decoration.
Oversized clocks are the new ‘big thing’ and they look sensational as a main feature in your living space. Why not take a look at our exciting range. We have something to suit any décor taste, from traditional to contemporary to urban trends.

Handy Bathroom Storage Tips!

This tiered lazy-susan is ideal for shampoos and conditioners to name but a few!

A great storage solution and it look amazing too! Simple DIY wall shelving can give you so much extra storage space.

For all those tubes and bottles that just won’t stand – try using the back of the press door for storage!

Great way to use old storage baskets. Internal and external storage!

Keep your sink surface area clutter-free by using the wall for storage.

Cute idea for storing your bits and bobs! Some empty jars and a lick of paint!

Colour trends for 2016. Give In To Your Dark Side! They say opposites attract and this year’s interior colour palette is no exception!

Strong Ink coloured walls of Grey and Navy contrast with soft pastel shades to give softness to the seating area!

And the reverse is also true! Gentle pastel walls surround a muted toned sofa.

Gentle Teal walls help create a warm earthy enclosed living space.

Natural-look floor coverings are also vogue. Again this space is dominated by the Slate grey wall but softened by the pale pink sofa.

Love the dreamy coolness of this dining room. Timeless elegance!

Again strong dark colours provide an ideal foil for subtle shades of pale pink and natural tones.

Soft & Cool


For timeless elegance nothing works better than a cool palette of neutral tones.
Yes its true sometimes less is more and keeping things simple allows you to create an illusion of more space.
Creams, beiges, coffee and caramel shades allow you to be adventurous with your accessories and allow you to change the look of you living space more regularly and with less expense! Adding splashes of colour with cushions, throws etc helps bring your furnishings to life.

Scrumptious Corner Unit was €2149 NOW €1099
Portsmouth Coffee Table was €799 NOW €399
Portsmouth Sideboard was €799 NOW €399
Table Lamp €139
Carlotta Wallpaper €50 per roll

Dream of Shleep!

Fantastic unique bespoke Bed Linen Collection by Top Drawer Shleep
300 Thread Count Cotton sateen Duvet sets to die for.
Featuring fresh slashes of natural colours on cotton for the ultimate sleep experience.
Add in a luxurious rug to enhance the mood of your bedroom space.
A classic chandelier will add a touch of sophistication and sparkle whilst matching side table lamps will bathe your bed in a warm glow.
Add a stunning feature wall back drop to bring your room to life!


Top Drawer Shleep Kingsize duvet set €95

5-Arm Chandelier €279

Side Table Lamp €129


Plush Shaggy Rug 120×170 €299

Harlequin Rosella Wallpaper €61.50 per roll

Christmas Inspiration

Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

Wow! Turn your Dining Table into a Christmas delight! Some ribbon and acorn decorations add a touch of class!

Dining Pendant

Dining Pendant
Love this! Hang some baubles from your dining room pendant and accessorise with some Christmas greenery to make a seasonal lighting feature.

Kitchen Presses

Kitchen Presses
Lovely! Add some festive cheer to your kitchen by decorating your cupboard doors with festive ribbons and bows!

Log Santa

Log Santa
Such a simple idea! All you need is some log, some paint and some ribbon to create your own DIY Santa Log feature.

Metal Bucket

Metal Bucket
Got to do this! Upcycle that old metal bucket to create a rustic feature for your entrance doorway or room corner.

Funk it up!

Contemporary living doesn’t have to be dull and monochrome!
Have fun with you living space and funk it up with a colourful rug which will set off the cool sleek Retro Sofa perfectly.
Be playful and quirky with your walls and let a modern crystal pendant light up your room in style. Mirror occasional furniture give a sense of space and reflect light and colours perfectly.

Retro 3 seater Sofa was €1599 NOW €799

Funk Multi Rug 140×200 €479


Move Your Walls wallcovering €45 per roll


Belsan Pendant Light €459


Reflections Champagne Coffee table was €249 NOW €199


Dine in Style

Painted wood and Natural wood finishes marry so well together and fit easily in both a formal or casual dining setting.
The Somerset Dining Set fits the bill and what’s more the extending table allows for versatility.
Oak flooring is timeless and create a warm cosy ambiance in your dining space.
Why not use a luxurious rug under your dining table? This will create a feature of your beautiful dining set and gives your room more spacial structure.
Colourful wall coverings are to die for and will provide the perfect backdrop to your dining décor.
Somerset Dining Table & 6 Chairs was €2193NOW €1143
Authentic Oak 12mm Laminate Flooring from €19.95 Sq.Yd
Traditional Wood Pendant €159
Harlequin Bamboo Grey/Green Rug €155
Harlequin Folia Lacarno Wallpaper €64 per roll


Corner Units are ideal for both large and small living spaces as they look amazing both free standing or against the wall.
Neutral tones are timeless and can be accessorised with ease. Plain walls for a more classic setting or funk it up with trendy wallpapers.
Consider your room lighting with care to give the ultimate atmosphere.

The Ashton high grade Italian Leather Corner Unit available in both Left Hand or Right hand combinations was €2149 NOW €1299


Exposed Wallpaper 3

Wallpaper €40 per roll

Round pendant light

Besca Round Pendant 6 light €449


Lugano Wood-Antique Brass Lamp

Lugano Wood Antique Brass Floor Lamp €279


Harlequin Rug 120×170 €155


Attraction Antique Silver Round Mirror was €299 NOW €149

Seasonal Inspiration

Check out these simple ideas that will add warmth and festive cheer to your home this Christmas!

Pinterest Christmas ideas 2

This looks so cool!
Add a Christmas Welcome to your doorway by up-cycling some old wood or laminate and finish it with lime-washed paint effect.
Add some fairy lights and decorations and of course – your Christmas greeting!


Everyone has old crockery lying around the house – now is the time to make use of it!
An old salad bowl can by up cycled to create a stunning table centrepiece.


Love this! A tray, some night-lights and a few Christmas ornaments are all you need to create a beautiful display for your coffee table or entrance hall.

Pinterest Christmas Ideas 5

Wow! When there’s no space for your Christmas Tree what can you do? Move it onto the wall!
Create your own tree from different branch lengths and decorate with lights and baubles.

Chrsitmas Ideas 6

For that rustic look why not use a wicker log basket to stand your Christmas tree.

Classics can be Contemporary too


Classics can be Contemporary too

Old World Charm sits comfortably in an urban setting. Classic furniture pieces are timeless and the Chesterfield low back button sofa never grows tired. Using a brickwork wall paper from our Exposed collection helps create a contemporary urban backdrop to your living space. An oversized clock provides a stunning focal point to your wall. Add in some cushions and a throw from Scatterbox – the perfect compliment for you sofa.
Choose a speckled rug from the Mehari collection an see your floor come to life.

Chesterfield 3 Seater €1499
Wallpaper €40 per roll
Cushions from €35
Throw from €99
Rug 133×195 €239 160×230 €329
Clock €249

All available at Michael Murphy Home Furnishing