Corner sofas are one of the most unique and comfortable types of seating furniture you can introduce to your living space but there are a few things to consider when choosing the right corner sofa for your home.

The most important thing is to ensure you enough room to fit the sofa, so remember to measure the dimensions of your living room and the space set aside for seating furniture.

Larger corner sofas like the Moda Sofa seen below work best in big and open living rooms.

Small corner sofas like the below Scrumptious Sofa are the ideal option for apartments and limited space.

Obviously, you’re going to need to think about colour options and we generally recommend picking a colour that fits in with the décor of the room.

For instance, the Carmelo Sofa is well suited to living rooms with neutral tones and bold furnishings, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and style.

Another important element to think about is the fabric as one particular material may be better for your household than another.

A fabric sofa like the Capture Sofa is incredible soft-to-touch and cosy, but it mightn’t be the wisest choice if you have pets as their paws could damage the fabric.

Instead, you should opt for a leather sofa like the Condo Electric Sofa as this will be able to withstand general wear and tear plus rough treatment.