Christmas Planner: 6 Weeks & Counting…

Easing you into the Christmas season (it’s the 14th of November, are we allowed talk about it yet?) we are going to do a six-week calendar/planner leading right up to the day, with some suggestions of what you can do to spread out the usual mania into a month and a half of more pleasant preparation.


1: Christmas Pudding Time

If you’re making a homemade pudding, now is the time to it. Christmas puddings get better with time, so the coming weeks are perfect for letting it age. We’re not going to pretend to be chefs, so when in doubt, we turn to Delia Smith and her wealth of knowledge when it comes to classic recipes. If you’re going to give it a go, Delia’s would be a safe and delicious option. For other inspiration, seek out other legends like the divine Mary Berry.

Delic Smith’s recipe for her Traditional Christmas Pudding can be found at Delia Online.

Image: Delia Online


2: Stock Up on Sweets

The worry of running out of tinned biscuits or sweets is a yearly annoyance. We just know that there is always a friend, family member or unexpected neighbour that will drop by and you’ll find yourself either handing away the entire box or reluctantly opening your current stash to share. Either way, it’s best to buy these now as they tend to disappear off of shelves in December.

Note: A particular favourite of ours are the Marks & Spencer Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Tins that are often half price this time of year. Granted, it’s hard to not open and devour all of these immediately…

Product: Marks & Spencer


3: Decorative Beginnings

For most of us, it’s likely too early for the Christmas tree in the home, despite the festive feast for the eyes to be found across multiple retail spaces. However, that doesn’t mean that winter decor needs to be discouraged. Just avoid the tinsel and Santa hats for the moment. Instead, you can start to build up your interiors with more subtle seasonal offerings – which can only add to the end result of full-on Christmas in a few weeks.

To give you a few ideas, we have searched through Pinterest to find examples of this styling that just perfectly balances seasonal and tasteful, without diving into details reserved for December.

Apartment Therapy

Photo: Pencil Shavings Studio

Photo: Apartment Therapy

The Troy Round Coffee Table, pictured below, has a beautiful brass cage framework on the base, which allows the interior to play host to a decorative display of your choice. A Christmas scene or poinsettia florals would look beautiful sat amongst the golden metal. Just make sure that what you have in mind will fit in between the bars.



4: Spick ‘n’ Span

I know, I know. No one – ourselves included – wants to be hassled into a mini spring-clean before spring has even begun. However, it makes the season far easier to handle if you’re starting with a tidy space and uncluttered surfaces – it simply means you can clutter them with Christmassy goodness further down the line. We’re not saying go full Mrs Hinch at home, but a little early Hinch might sooth the inner Grinch when it comes to Christmas untidiness. Also, it’s handy to make room for the bulk of the Christmas tree and other statement decor, so it’s not squished when you set it up.



5: Black Friday Deals

Our last tip is to start thinking gifts now, as the Black Friday sale reaches across multiple retailers – offering discounts that won’t be available in another few weeks. We ourselves have begun our sale today, so browse your favourite shops and websites for the very best of budget-savvy gifting.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not how much you empty your wallet!

Product: Viscount Wing Chair