The Christmas Countdown – 4 Weeks to Go

It’s getting close now guys, we’re just 4 weeks out from the Big Man’s arrival and things are beginning to feel super-festive.

In this week’s Christmas countdown we’re talking all about our favourite festive dishes to start prepping ahead of the big day.

1) Christmas Pudding 

A Christmas delicacy that originated in England in the 14th century, the Christmas pud was originally made of beef and mutton, and stuffed with raisins and carrots! We’re much more in favour of our contemporary,fruit-filled version!

2) Brussel Sprouts
Some love them, some hate them, but we can’t get enough of the festive brussel sprout. We particularly enjoy them when made with chestnuts and crispy pancetta. Check out the recipe here.

3) The Christmas Cake

Most Irish Mammy’s have been feeding their Christmas cakes for weeks now, but for us, there’s no nicer post-Christmas sweet treat that a hearty slice of Christmas cake. If making one’s not up your street the shops are selling a plethora of delectable options to choose from.

4) The Christmas Turkey

Is any Christmas dinner truly complete with a mouth-watering Christmas turkey to take pride of place on the table? We love ours stocked with

5) Mince Pies!

We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t already tucked into the mince pies this season but that’s not stopping us looking forward to the copious amounts we’ll consume on Christmas Day! Whether home-made or store-bought, is it really Christmas without a mince pie?