Talk about statement walls. Today we dove straight into Pinterest to find the most spectacular, dreamy and striking backdrop walls for any space. While most of these are of the inspirational/aspirational/why-can’t-I-have-this variety, they’re still a fantastic way to get ideas for your own home – even if created on a smaller or simpler scale. Divided up into themes, we have put together several collages for your viewing pleasure, each group different, but equally spectacular. 


Cracked Metal

Whether the focus is on jagged tiles and laquered paint or mirrored metals and speckled gold; we love these ornate wall offerings.

Images:,,, Fauxfinesse, 



Colour Wash

Watercolour wall washes are up there with our favourite painting techniques and these below do not disappoint.

Images: Pinterest, Muralswallpaper, Georgianadesign, Bloglovin, Muralswallpaper, Glenproebstel



Starry Seas & Skies

Just stunning. And despite the complexity of the colour and design, these prints can be found in wall stickers or wallpapers; making them deceptively easy to pull off.

Images: Sosuperawesome, Dekolehti




A quieter approach, we love the delicacy of line drawings on a wall.

Images: Lardecoracao, Pinterest



Wood & Metal

Suitcases, cogs and gear wallpaper, or photo frame overload – we’re all for it.

Images: Theownerbuildernetwork, Apartmenttherapy, Myloview




Different techniques, equally striking. A personal favourite has to be the vintage-inspired, worn blue floral wall.

Images: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Adayinthelifeofnobody