Freshen Up Your Home with Some Indoor Trees

Big, beautiful and brilliant at air-purifying, indoor trees are a must-have for any homeowners who want to brighten up their living space this January.

Indoor trees can be used as a centrepiece to set the tone of a room and are also particularly recommended for people who suffer from allergies due to their fantastic air-cleaning qualities.

The Beaucarnea, for instance, is a very popular indoor tree due to its distinctive look and the fact that it is relatively easy to take care of.


The Polyscias is another indoor tree popular with homeowners due to its compact size and preference for the shadier spaces of your home.

We here at Michael Murphy are big fans of the Yucca, a striking indoor plant perfect for contemporary homes and modern décors.

Last but not least is the Pachira, an ornamental tree that requires minimal care and is said to resemble a human hand with five fingers.

(All images: The Joy of Plants)