Furniture Care Solutions from Michael Murphy

Taking the time to treat your furniture with the correct care solutions is a simple way to ensure your furniture is protected from wear and tear, stains and accidental damage and that it retains its original level of quality for as long as possible.

At Michael Murphy Home Furnishing we stock a number of professional furniture care solutions from Guardsman, one of the world’s leading experts in the area of furniture care, all of which will help to keep your furniture looking and feeling brand new for longer.

The Guardsman Fabric Care Kit is suitable for use on fabric furniture and keeps the fabric upholstery of your favourite seating furniture clean and fresh, and includes Fabric Cleaner, Fabric Deodoriser and Fabric Stain Remover.

Similarly, the Guardsmen Leather Care Kit is designed for use on leather furniture and is fantastic at keeping leather soft, supple and grime free, and includes Leather Cleaner, Leather Protector, Ink Remover Wipes and an Application Sponge.

The Guardsman Wood Care Kit is another impressive furniture care solution and an all in one care product that cleans, polishes and restores wooden furniture, and includes Wood Cleaner, Dusting Cloth, Touch-Up Markers and Mark Remover Cloth.

In addition to the above furniture care solutions we also offer the Guardsman Warranty Plan, an underwritten insurance product for new furniture, on leather and fabric upholstery plus bedroom and dining furniture.

The Guardsman Warranty Plan covers Accidental Stains and Accidental Damage.