Iris Apfel & Maximalism at its Most Magnificent

The outstanding fashion icon that is Iris Apfel celebrated her 97th birthday this week, so we had to dedicate a post to both her personal style and her interior tastes – both of which run along the extremes of refined maximalism. Revered for her quirky dress sense, often adorned with more jewellery than seems possible for one person and sporting her signature thick-frames black glasses, Iris is a statement in herself. However, this love of colour, texture and ornament carries through to the styling found in her New York City apartment. Though it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this woman’s home is interior goals, for she – along with her beloved husband Carl – worked as an interior designer for much of her career, travelling the world for textiles and design.

When it comes to inspiration for any home considering a ‘more is more’ outlook, then this woman should be the all-important muse. Has anyone ever looked so at home in such a busy space? And despite the heavily dressed surroundings, everything remains refined and beautiful, full of expression and a love for adventure and fun. 



A fluffy ostrich, peacock and turquoise jewels? We might not have a clue what’s happening, but it looks amazing and we want in.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


Just look at the detail on the painted cabinet. Stunning.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


With her customary sleeve of bangles in place, Iris’ smile lights up a surprisingly moody – but rich and sophisticated – corner.

Photo credit: My Luscious Life


This bright hallway remains fresh and open despite the amazing array of decorative features to be found; from the wall panelling and gold-framed paintings to the fresh red flowers and multiple dog ornaments.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


It’s immediately clear that the objects on display across this apartment have been sourced from far-reaching places, somehow coming together and styled by their owner as if they were made to co-exist.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


Pink is going to be a big deal this autumn for interiors – and what more inspo could you ask for than a giant feathered flamingo sitting alongside a glass of hot pink and plum flowers.

Photo credit: How To Spend It


Gold and red is a distinguishable palette in several of these spaces and it works particularly well here – the rich orange red velvet accompanying a floral-motif gold vanity.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


Even if we bypass the stunning gold mirror and delicate dolls displayed here, can we take a moment to appreciate the pilaster detail on the wall – complete with egg and dart detailing and a foliage motif on the capital. Incredible.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


So, to finish, I think the 9 photos included here prove that when it comes to incorporating EVERYTHING into an interior landscape with a polished sophistication, Iris Apfel is the queen.

Photo credit: Vicki Archer