Looking for tricks and tips to make your living room appear larger than it really is? Well you’re in good luck, as today’s blog compiles some of the smartest tricks you can employ to visually extend your living room!

Centre Pieces: Add extra depth to a living room by directing furniture towards the main piece of the room i.e. a window, fireplace or TV.

Mirror Mirror: A well placed mirror will help to convey an illusion of added space, and should be placed behind sofas or above other pieces of furniture.

Go Low: Coffee tables, footstools and other pieces of low furniture help to make the ceiling seem taller than it really is.

High Curtains: Another way to make your ceiling appear taller is by hanging curtains from just below the ceiling as opposed to above the window.

Rugged Looks: A bright and colourful rug can also give the impression of a larger space.