Maximalism or Minimalism?


Which camp do you fall into? Easily two of the biggest interiors trends around, maximalism and minimalism are the polar opposites of each other. Let’s take a closer look at the trends in detail.

Maximalism is interior design at its biggest and boldest, promoting the use of prints and patterns, striking colours and palettes and generally embracing the idea of excess. When considering implementing a maximalist style in your home, adopt the “more is more,” mantra.

Often ornate in nature and deeply reflective of your own personal style, there are key concepts to be considered should you wish to create a maximalist aesthetic at home.


  • Mix and match colour and texture
  • Don’t be afraid of stuff. Books, records, wall prints, rugs, cushions and throws, you can have it all.
  • Go bold with colours and exciting patterns.

Minimalism, on the other hand, embraces clean lines,  simplicity and uncluttered living. Most minimalist interiors feature a monochromatic colour palette and the use of functional furniture. To make the most of your minimalist design, make sure to incorporate these key concepts into your design plan:


  • Select a clean and fresh looking base colour for your room. Beige, grey, white and other such neutrals dominate the minimalist trend.
  • When selecting furniture, remember that it’s all about quality, not quantity.
  • Clever storage options are a must for keeping your bits and bobs organised. Unkempt clutter is definitely not the minimalist way.

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