Miniature Houses We’d Happily Live In

Just for a bit of fun, we had a look through Pinterest for miniature models of houses and homes, knowing how much effort goes into these gorgeous little spaces and doll houses. However, we didn’t expect the level of detail contained within the pieces below. If we could shrink ourselves down, we’d happily move into any of these teeny houses!


Cosy & Country

The traditional country styling of the dining room, sitting room and bedroom are so on point. From the carved wooden table and columned chairs to the stone fireplace and brass bed frame, we love all of the little details – and how gorgeous are the little jars on the sideboard.

In the oak tree the mini mice have a storage room. Mr mouse Berberis is the janitor in the garden and lives here with his wife Chosiya and...

Credit: The Mini Mice


Neat Space

Fitting tidily into this little space, the dresser, trunk, realistic flowers and tracery details are all so fine, so small and so beautiful.

RooM BoX

Credit: Miniature Rosy



Realistic Rooms

You could literally use this bathroom as a guide for what a real-life version should look like. From the linen basket to the taps, pipes and radiators, it’s all incredibly realistic. We love the use of wallpaper on the ceiling and walls – complete with matching rug – and the miniature accessories. The jug and candles are two personal favourites.

Miniature dollhouse bathroom

Credit: Greenleaf



The Tree House Home

For anyone who yearned for a treehouse as kid, this is the kind of thing we had in mind. Although, we wouldn’t say no to it now either…

This reminds me of a fairy house I'd seen a few years back. It's simply magical.




The Glass House

This stunning little conservatory has an early 20th-century style about it, furnished with wicker and gorgeous little plastic potted plants.

DIY doll house by using a shoebox #diydoll #diydollhouse #diydollhousefurniture - There are different methods of making doll houses using different material. The easiest is to make a DIY doll house by using shoebox. These doll house...

Credit: Emma Jasmin



A Mansion for Mice

Seven levels of decorated, dressed rooms form this impressive creation. From the panelled and wallpapered walls to the carpeted dining room and homely ground floor, this entire miniature is so well crafted.

Christel Jensen's mouse house in an apple tree

Credit: The Mini Mouse