It’s no secret by now, dark interiors and moody hues are the way forward when it comes to decorating your home, at least according to Pinterest.

We can’t help but be intrigued by those opting to embrace the trend with open arms and whip out their brushes to paint their walls black.

We’ve done the hard work and crawled the internet to see how people are styling their bold, moody, opulent black walls and we have to admit, we’ve fallen a little bit in love with this unusual trend.

All of a sudden black seems soothing, cosy and simultaneously elegant, all the qualities you want in a room, right?  We’ve curated some of our favourite takes on the trend so you can peruse our findings.

It’s a blank canvas..


There’s no denying it, black makes a perfect base for you to go big and bold with your accessories and artwork, really lending these pieces a dramatic edge. Choose colourful, luscious looking wall art to contrast the stark black canvas.

Add a metallic flourish..


The recent trend for all things metallic in furniture and lighting is a perfect match for black and other darker shades. We’re particularly loving how well gold compliments the ebony coloured walls.

Think texture..


Don’t be afraid to add texture and print to the mix. Sumptuous velvets, faux fur throws, leopard print, tiger print, dalmatian print! The options are endless. An eclectic choice of accessories brings a playful, fun feel to the room.

Add a splash of colour…

black walls

Just because the walls are painted black, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colour. We’re particularly loving blush and pink toned accents, but you could easily play with teal, mustard or red instead.

Introduce some greenery..


The addition of some plants and greenery against the dusky, black walls is an incredible contrast to add some vibrancy into the room.