Monday Mood Board: Front Door Autumnal Décor

Autumnal decoration shouldn’t just be reserved for Halloween. Instead, perhaps consider a seasonal approach – using rich colours, fruits, vegetables and flowers to create striking accessories that will instantly lift your front door or porch. These can be bought of course but perhaps take the DIY approach – there is an article from Apartment Therapy linked below with some fantastic ideas – and spend some time creating the piece yourself. From wall arrangements to pumpkin-filled window boxes and classic wreaths, there are numerous options fit for every home, so have a browse at our Pinterest edit below!



Candles & Vases

Leaves, flowers, berries and more all make brilliant fills for vases or surrounds for candles. These can look stunning sitting out, either side of your front door – but perhaps opt for electric lights for the candle holder. Safety first!

Photos: Back Porch Musings



Hanging Arrangements

A nice departure from a traditional wreath, these alternatives offer something special in themselves. We particularly love the rake ornament.

Photos: Love This Pic, Pinterest, Tracy’s Trinkets & Treasures, Pinterest



Pumpkin Delights

Pumpkins are an institution this time of year – or even the Irish alternative of turnips would do nicely. They don’t need to be placed in a particular way, as they make any scene look autumnal in an instant.

Photos: Digs Digs




Stunning Wreaths

Wreaths are so simple, but they really do make a front door look spectacular this time of year. And with the colour options and chosen materials below, they manage to stay away from a Christmas feel and happily ring true to the autumn/winter theme.

Photos: Not So Shabby Chic, Celebrate Creativity, One Little Momma, Etsy

Apartment Therapy: 5 DIY Wreaths for Fall

Circle Pumpkin Wreath