Monday Mood Board: Get Green

In what will be our only time to ever contradict the incomparable Kermit the Frog, in this one instance, it IS easy being green – in terms of interiors that is.

Sorry Kermit.

Green has become a real statement colour for the home, whether expressed through fabrics, furniture, flooring or literal greenery. Its ability to appear fresh and modern, whilst remaining classic and super chic endears it to new homeowners as an option for their dominant palette. It’s also an easy choice. Pair it with a bright or dark base and you have a striking colour scheme in an instant. But in terms of achieving a gorgeous, consistent use of the colour around the home, we have taken inspiration from the incredible layouts below.

Green with envy? You will be if you don’t get in on this colour story.



If you’re a commitment-phobe when it comes to coloured interiors, try adding little touches through decoration and ornamentation.

Photo credits: (left to right), Pinterest,



What can we say, we love a green kitchen! Whether you build it around a moody or ultra bright aesthetic, green is an instant hit of freshness in your kitchen/dining space.

Photo credits: (left to right),,



One of our favourite pairings with green are gold or brass metallics. Together they create a luxurious, borderline ostentatious feel; perfect for the bedroom or living room.

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Plant life is the OG use of green and it’s never a bad idea to employ natural motifs or actual fresh greenery in the home. Perhaps both?

Photo credits: (left to right), Haarkon



Bite the bullet and opt for a green painted finish or fabric on your furniture. This is the ultimate way to introduce this colour trend into your home. Just be mindful of the palette used around it.

Photo credits: (left to right),, Pinterest



Shop the look here at Michael Murphy Home Furnishing. See below for a small selection of our green-getting pieces.

Photo credits: (left to right) Batman Armchair Grass, Amadeus Marble Effect Wall Clock, Tulip Accent Chair Grass, Whisper Purple Cushion, Zafron Green Cushion, Fusiliers Arch, St Stephen’s Green Framed Print by Sean Curran