New Season Interior Trends: 7 Brassy Beauties

According to a number of interior forecasts, we’re going to be mad for brassy metals in the spring season of 2019. Metal accents at least. Small decorative pieces and accessories are the ultimate way to introduce this trend and luckily, depending on the metal type, this look should fit seamlessly into pre-existing interiors. With all this in mind, we have curated a few inspirational images from Pinterest to put this trend into action. 




Major Features

Modern Kitchen with beautiful brass accents.

Photo: @carawoodhouseinteriors



Mirror Duo

Photo: Pinterest



Metal Mood

eye catching mantelpiece display of plants in brass pots

Photo: Dear Designer



Frame It

Photo: @mrsparanjape



Duck & Details

Heather Strommen on Instagram: “My fall design for my front entry consists of a preserved boxwood in an antique pewter bowl, a brass hurricane I found many moons ago…”

Photo: @sweethadylane



Brassy Buck

love that color

Photo: Pinterest



Kitchen Creative

Layered Geometric and Modern Brass - Interior Design Kitchen

Photo: Catherine French Design



Our Collection

Photo: Gold Umber Picture, Viggo Round Mirror Gold, Troy Round Table