Our Christmas Shoot: The Details

It’s kind of hard to picture the team setting up the Christmas scenes below during the SERIOUS summer heat in July – but we did. Can you imagine how insane we looked going into the shop to purchase candy canes? Or is it more incredible that we actually found them…? We even had Christmas tunes playing in the background to get us in the festive mood. 

In any case, these shots were completed with our Christmas ad campaign in mind – if you have a browse through the November/December issues of IMAGE Interiors, House and Home, Ireland’s Home Interiors & Living and Irish Country Magazine you’ll find them nestled amongst the glossy pages.

Putting together a dining and living setting, we wanted to do an unexpected take on Christmas and the typical Christmas tree – which led to the floral creation you’ll spot in some of the images below. We’re very happy with how it all turned out and it’s even better looking at them now that the festivities are fast approaching. 



We decided to showcase two chesterfield sofas, the Beaumont (navy) and the Ballyroe (grey), as both were rich velvets that feel very autumn/winter in style and suited our setting beautifully.

Featured sofa: Beaumont 3 Seater Sofa

Cushion Cravings

Featured sofa: Ballyroe 3 Seater Sofa Smoke


See below for a selection of our key cushions from the shoot.

Cushions: Origami Rose Cushion, Shiva Pink Cushion, St Louis Terracotta Cushion, Alva Rose Cushion.




The Viggo collection took centre stage in our dining shot, styled with the Grover Dining Chairs for a touch of fabric and texture. We loved the contrast of the gold-tone metal legs of the Viggo Dining Table and Bench against the red backdrop and concrete flooring.

Featured dining collection: Viggo Dining Table & Bench

Dining chairs: Grover

Behind the Scenes

And for good measure, here are three shots of the Christmas tree prep – featuring the lovely Suzie Teeling, our Airside store’s Visual Merchandiser and Assistant Store Manager.