How to Perfect Rug Placement

Today’s blog topic focuses on rug placement and comes courtesy of a very informative graphic from Apartment Therapy (see below).

For large living rooms with floating seating areas, you should choose a rug large enough to contain all pieces of furniture.

Smaller living rooms with limited space are suitable for smaller rugs but try to ensure the front legs of all pieces of furniture are on the rug.

For the dining room, always aim for a rug that comfortably holds your dining table and chairs, even when the chairs are pulled out from the table.

The exact same goes for round tables, with the reasoning behind it being that a too-small rug could trip your guests when they pull out their chairs.

For the bedroom, we recommend a rug large enough to hold all furniture in the room, such as your bed and beside lockers, and provide plenty of space on either side to walk on.

You can also use two small rugs on either side, or a single rug along the side for beds kept in corners.

Check out the graphic below for a more detailed rundown of good rug placement.