Pimp Those Pumpkins – 3 Clever Ways to Use Your Pumpkin at Home

Did you know that Halloween originates right here in Ireland from the Gaelic festival of Samhain?

Since then, Halloween has become a tradition all over the world and is celebrated by millions of people, resulting a whole host of traditions and practices forming around the occasion as a result.

One of the most popular traditions Halloween has picked up along the way is, of course, pumpkin carving, but let us talk you through the ways we’d pimp our pumpkins this Halloween.

Traditional Carving

We love traditional pumpkin carving, especially with kids. From researching the design to carving the pumpkin and enjoying the finished result, it’s always enjoyable.

Painted Pumpkins. 


If you’re looking to bring a touch of sophistication to the Halloween proceedings this year, why not paint your pumpkins? We love the idea of mixing gold with pretty pastel shades.

Hollow out your pumpkin and use it as a pretty flower pot! We love the idea of storing flowers in pretty pumpkins for an autumnal burst of colour.