Quick Tips to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

In fact, there are plenty of inexpensive tips and tricks you can employ at home to make your living space look like a million dollars.

For instance, framed art really adds to an interior and gives it a respectful and cultured look while also implying that its owner likes to splash out on the good things in life.

Purchase frames in bulk to save money and hang as much art as you can on your walls for an upmarket-looking interior, and try adding a statement rug for a truly cosmopolitan style.

Picking and using a unified colour palette throughout your home is another way to imply rich taste without breaking the bank, as once you settle on a palette you can choose furniture and furnishings from a wide range of sources.

Minimalism can also help convey a sense of luxurious living, allowing you to arrange your interiors around your boldest furniture, but remember to use bright and captivating pieces and keep the rest of the space free from clutter.