Space Savers: 5 Seating Options for a Compact Living Room


We’re big fans of compact living rooms. They can be warmer, take a lot less time to decorate and often times have a super-homey feel about them.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that just because your living room is a little more space-conscious, you can’t go all out and have both stylish and comfortable seating.

We’ve pulled together five of our favourite Michael Murphy Home Furnishing seating options that would work even in the cosiest of living spaces.

The Pola 2 Seater

Neat, retro-inspired, the Pola 2-Seater Sofa has an angular form, the frame taking on a rectangular shape which culminates in sharp armrests, for a self-contained design.  Tapered wooden feet give the sofa height, playing up the 1950’s inspiration, but the cool grey fabric lends it a contemporary edge that would work brilliantly in a modern apartment; taking on a studio-like aesthetic.

The Dove Sofa

Walking the line between style, comfort and function with practised precision, the Dove Sofa has a solid wood frame that forms a rectangular base and surrounds, supporting plump interior cushioning across the seat and back; all dressed in a soft, faux suede fabric. High-shine chrome feet sit neatly underneath, adding a nice contrast in terms of finish, while button detailing adds a welcome touch of décor to the seat and outer sides.

The Frame Chairs

Crafted from rich, luxurious velvet and set atop an opulent gold frame, our new frame chairs are the epitome of style and sophistication. A low backrest allows for a mid-century inspired feel, while deep foam filled cushions ensure maximum comfort. The stunning lines and long angles between the back and armrests, as well as the straight slope from the arms to the base of the seat, really show attention to design. Ideal for tight spaces that need a little luxury.

The Cara Armchair
A luxurious-feel design comes in the form of this neat, space-conscious Cara Armchair, its plush velvet fabric relaying an intense sophistication, bolstered by the optional addition of the matching footstool. Suited to a quiet reading corner or a living room window, this chair is one to admire and to enjoy, looking beautiful while feeling comfortable.

The Olivia Sofa
The mid-century inspired Olivia 2 Seater Sofa features round, dark, oak legs, making it a sturdy sofa for everyday living. The classic and elegant Olivia has an open base, along with super soft cushions, just perfect for snuggling up on.