Spotlight On: The Somerset Dining Collection

With a blend of natural oak and a beautiful cream painted finish, the Somerset collection gives a welcome update to the traditional country aesthetic, its fresh colouring lending a sophisticated touch to its design as a whole.

Let’s take a closer look at the collection:

The Somerset 2 Drawer Bench
With a blend of natural oak and a beautiful painted cream finish, the Somerset Two Drawer Bench embodies a welcome update on the traditional country kitchen aesthetic, its clean colouring lending a sophisticated touch to its design as a whole. A truly versatile piece, this bench is ideal for placement against a kitchen or dining room wall, happily seating two people, with cleverly concealed drawer space below. The oak top and drawer handles provide a soft, earthy addition to the overall design, endearing it to other soft and mid-tone wooden finishes and a lighter, brighter interior palette.

The Somerset Bar Stool 
A natural oak and elegant painted cream finish lend sophistication to the Somerset Bar Stool, updating the traditional country kitchen aesthetic and modernising it for your home. Standing on long legs, the base is interrupted with support bars and a foot bar sitting at various heights, adding design interest, while the seat itself takes on a sturdy, but decorative form. A striking cross shape forms the backrest, while the bottom is moulded to suit the body shape, adding a touch of comfort to the oak surface.

The Somerset Dining Table Round 
With a natural oak table top sitting on an elegantly painted cream pedestal centre, the Somerset Pedestal Round Table is a fantastic representation of the modernised country kitchen that the Somerset Collection represents. The refined colour and coating of the painted finishing add a luxurious touch to the sturdy body and the entasis of the pedestal, the sophisticated shape and curvature of its shape acting as a focal point of the design. The four small legs splaying out from under the pedestal are delicately shaped, despite their solid support, leaving ample leg and chair room, ensuring a comfortable fit around the table.

The Somerset Bench
Blending a natural oak with a beautiful cream painted finish, the Somerset Bench takes on an elegant and classic form; immediately lending itself to a traditional country feel. Fresh and subtle, the design works wonders alongside the Somerset Dining Table and as a standalone piece.