The absolute envy we have when looking at the amazing styles and interior design choices that are now out there for kids is very real. From incredibly detailed mouse wall stickers to painted signposts and industrial-style bunk beds, the options are endless and the results absolutely amazing. Bringing together some of our own collection, as well as ideas gathered from Pinterest, Instagram and more, we’re loving each and every one of the interior pieces below. 


Painted Signposts

Not only does this tie in their favourite books, movies and other fictional realms, but it’s a gorgeous visual too.

Photo: Pinterest


Bunk Beds

What kid doesn’t want bunk beds? And these have a contemporary metal design that land just this side of grown up.

Product: Poetry Bunk Bed



Adorable Wall Stickers

Stickers like the one below placed on the skirting board offer an Enid Blyton-inspired approach to decorative detail. If mice are a no-no, perhaps opt for fairies?

Photo: Pinterest



Bean Bags

Comfy, versatile and a bit of fun.

Product: Pear Faux Leather Bean Bag Grey



Wall Art

Chic, sharp, but also appropriate for a safari or animal-themed room.

Product: Copper Giraffe Head Wall Mount



Colourful Rugs

Instantly brighten up any space with a well-dressed, colourful floor.

Product: Pandora Cubes Rug 140×200



Junior Scandinavian Style

Understated, but full of detail, this Scandinavian approach creates a soft, beautiful result.

Dino Figures

How cool is this idea? A  dinosaur figurine in shining gold held in half relief within a frame? It’s not just the children that will love this idea.

Photo: Pinterest



Arctic Art

We love the polar bear and white/ochre colour combo used here. To be honest, while this would make for a great kid’s bedroom, this approach to cute styling is pretty ageless.

Photo: Miss Jettle



Scenic Decor

A realistic and bright hot air balloon hanging from the ceiling is just stunning – particularly when paired with a blue surround, moon-like lights and a house cushion sitting happily below.

Photo: Sanna Fischer