Statement Sofas that Deserve Your Attention

Statement sofas are fantastic for adding some zest to your sitting room and thankfully work well with a wide variety of interiors.

Whether you’ve got a traditional, modern, industrial or even a Scandinavian interior, you’ll find the perfect statement sofa for your home here at Michael Murphy.

The Bermuda range is one of our most popular line of sofas and includes great options like the Bermuda 2.5 Seater, a roomy fabric sofa that is both chic and sophisticated.

The Langley 3 Seater Sofa on the other hand is one more focused on opulence and providing a dreamy seating experience every time you sit.

The Molby 2.5 Seater and Armchair are two beautiful pieces of seating furniture that feature a retro design that perfectly complements contemporary interiors.

Or you could opt for the brilliant green Navone range, which includes the gorgeous and superbly comfortably Navone 3 Seater.

How about the Diamond Sofa range, another retro-inspired line of seating furniture that offers maximum comfort and a very eye-catching design.

The Prospect Sofa range also features a traditional design and an incredibly comfortable sit, and can be used in both modern and rustic interiors to dramatic effect.

Finally we have the Brady Sofa range with its elegant and aesthetically pleasing design, one that works especially well in minimalistic interiors inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design.