Top Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

A hardwood floor is one of the most striking flooring options you can choose for your home, but cleaning hardwood can be more challenging compared to carpets and vinyl.

Vacuum cleaning a hardwood floor on a weekly basis will help to prevent girt, dust and dirt from building up, ensuring your floor feels smooth to walk on.

Make sure you use a brush attachment when vacuuming to avoid scratching the wood.

While furniture polish can help other wooden surfaces stay nice and shiny, it can cloud the finish of hardwood floors so take care if polishing wooden furniture.

The same goes for hairspray, and both furniture polish and hairspray should be immediately wiped up with a damp cloth if any residue lands on your floor.

Water can cause significant long-term damage to hardwood flooring, so remember to shut windows when it’s raining and clean up any liquid spills as soon as they occur.

Carpet vs. Wood vs. Vinyl: Which Floor is For You

When it comes to the type of flooring we choose for our home, it often boils down to personal preference.

There are, however, a number of differences between the various flooring types that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Carpet, for instance, is the most comfortable and warm of the three and an ideal option for households with young children or pets.

On the other hand, carpet is a lot harder to fully clean and is more susceptible to hoarding dirt particles and harmful bacteria than wood or vinyl.

Wood floors are undeniably the most visually pleasing of the three, and work as a neutral base you can plan the rest of your décor around.

Wood floors are also, of course, the hardest of the three and may not be the most suitable option if you have young children in the house.

Vinyl floors have become quite popular in the last years thanks to the range of designs and colours you can get this option in.

Vinyl floors are also very easy to clean and are waterproof, making them ideal for kitchens and bedrooms.

Whatever option you choose, remember to drop into our Flooring Departments at our Newbridge and New Ross stores for the most beautiful and cost-effective flooring plans on the market.