The PTSB Ideal Home Show: The Final Look

What a weekend! We’re delighted to have taken part in the PTSB Ideal Home Show this October Bank Holiday weekend to showcase our room setting, Earthy Ambiance.

Created in partnership with interior designer, Jackie Tyrrell, Earthy Ambiance is a curated collection of furniture and interiors inspired by the natural materials, patterns and shapes that surround us.

Let us talk you through the final look and showcase some of our favourite pictures from the event.

To create a natural balance within the look, we’ve worked on contrasting the smooth modernity of metallic elements with soft, muted colour palettes and sumptuously soft, luxurious fabrics. When creating Earthy Ambience we started with the plush velvet of the Langley sofa and juxtaposed it with the natural, almost raw finish of the retro-inspired Tilden sideboard.

We understand that space can aggravate on a daily basis, so with this in mind we’ve featured two clever storage options in this look to help create an incredibly calming and creative area within the home. The Tilden bookcase and the Tilden desk work excellently within this room set.

One of our favourite elements of the Earthy Ambiance room set was the striking flooring in a herringbone design from flooring manufacturer, Vista. Available from the flooring department in our Newbridge store and priced at €39.95 per sq mtr, the natural grain and subtle shading blended perfectly with our theme.