Tick-Tock: We Love a Statement Clock

Clocks have become a serious statement for the home and as far as we’re concerned, the more unusual the better. Make it your own, branch out and search for a striking ticker to act as a point of design and inspiration on any (or multiple) walls. To get the creativity flowing, we’ve selected some inspirational pieces to give you a head start on finding your own individual piece.


Modern Cut Outs

Best done in black and white for serious impact, cut out clocks, with their decorative or functional pieces separated out,  ensure something different when it comes to your time keeper.

Photo credits: (left to right) Spiceytec.com, I.pinimg.com, Jewelrynanny.com, Frenchdesignblog.com, Designstreet.it


A Rose Gold Affair

A touch of soft pink, kept on the rose gold side of things, creates a warm, but modern, result. Beautiful when paired with grey or white, this dusky hue will lift any space it’s set in.

Photo credits: (left to right) Society6.com, Artfulhome.com, St James Gate Clock, Cottonon.com, Maisonsdumonde.com


Full-On Face Time

When we think of statement clocks, a statement face is the go-to. Think vintage, large but elegant numbering and an added feature for detail – like the fob design on this Michael Murphy Home Furnishing clock (below;left).

Photo credits: (left to right) Giant Fob Watch Clock, Weliketheworld.com


Going in Circles

Classic, convenient in terms of spacing and truly striking when dressed with pops of colour, surface effects or decorative detailing, these circular clocks are real eye-catchers.

Photo credits: (left to right) Brit.co, Light4dark.com, Etsy.com, Land.se, Amadeus Marble Effect Wall Clock, Denvers.com

Elaborate Metals

The steampunk scene has a lot to offer the world of clocks when it comes to ornamentation and we can see this influence in some of the pieces below. The more complicated the better, with stunning gold, silver, brass and bronze finishings, paired with enamel or marble-effect inlays make for a seriously bejeweled timepiece.

Photo credits: (left to right) Ericfrietas.com, Piccsy.com, Statueking.com, I.pinimg.com


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