Top Tips for Cleaning Wallpaper

For many homeowners, wallpaper is the ideal item for brightening up and adding some zest to any room in the house that needs it.

However, wallpaper can be a little tricky to keep clean compared to painted walls, which is why you should try the following tips whenever you’re giving wallpaper a wipe down.

Remember to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning, as wallpaper can greatly differ in coating and content from roll to roll.

If you no longer have the original packaging, look for the manufacturer’s guidelines online.

As with painted walls, it’s important to dust the walls before cleaning and ensure they are free from dust, dirt and cobwebs.

Older and noncoated wallpaper should be cleaned using a dry sponge to remove dirt and stains without water, while a damp sponge can be used with scrubbable and washable wallpaper.

Lightly wet the sponge with a warm water and washing up liquid mix, and scrub gently to remove dirt and stains.

An eraser can be used to lift fingermarks and smudges, and you should always avoid using abrasive cleaners as these will scratch the coating.