Trend Alert! Toile Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback


It may still feel like summer for most of you, but we’ve already spent most of August down a research rabbit hole trying to find all the best autumn/winter trends for you guys to try out at home, and we think we may have found the next big thing.

Toile wallpaper! 

The toile print originated in France centuries ago and features the repetition of the same print, usually a classic, oftentimes pastoral scene, over and over again to create a stylish, whimsical pattern.

The popularity of toile has stood the test of time, making a reappearance in popular interior trends year after year.

Let’s take a closer look at how we can style this look in the home:

Gone are the days were toile was seen as old-fashioned and out of date. Now available in a wide range of scenes and prints, toile wallpaper can make an impressive statement in any home.

Nowadays, the colour range in the toile wallpaper is fantastic. You can opt for traditional pastel shades if that’s your style, or you can mix it up with electric blues, bright pinks or even a monochrome if you dared.


Or, if you’re a fan of the more traditional toile design we advise choosing a delicate print in a neutral colour and styling it with classic furniture and accessories for an understated aesthetic. We particularly love pairing it with taupe and blush shades for a romantic, French look.