Trend Report: It’s Time to Get Wallpapering Your Ceiling!


You all know how much we love a good interiors trend and right now there’s nothing quite as popular across the boards of Pinterest than wallpapering the ceiling.

Yep, you heard us. Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is a great way to add a pop of colour or pattern to a room that otherwise you’d like to keep quite neutral.

Almost any space can look instantly cooler and way more edgy with the addition of some cool wallpaper.

We love this non-traditional take on flowers and how dark and moody these florals look, especially when paired with striking black walls.


If you truly love the print you’ve chosen you could really embrace this trend and paper all over. Our top would be to do this in a room where you’ve got tiles or wall panelling to break things up a little so the print doesn’t become overwhelming.


If you’re channelling a more contemporary aesthetic for your chosen room then pick a print that reflects this. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild, especially if you’ve kept your walls quite simple.


We’re big fans of this small print floral wallpaper for the ceiling because of how easily it ties the whole room together without taking from the beautiful colours of the design.


If you love a touch of glamour in the home then we think this combo of bright, golden wallpaper combined with contemporary lighting is a great way to kick things up a notch.