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Inspiration from Instagram

The Ellis coffee table doubles as a regular table! If you’re limited on space or want to maximise your furniture to do more than one job, this coffee table is for you…

… and it’s the perfect height for eating at the sofa!

The Ellis coffee table with lift top has storage and a soft-close so you never have to worry about it slamming shut!

How stunning 🤩

🔗 Go online for more information!

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It’s perfectly green and made of luxurious leather, it can only be Oliver!

Our Oliver 3-2-1 seaters are a great addition to any room, regardless on your aesthetic — if you like a woodland/cottage style, this green sofa will be perfect for you and your home! 🏠

🔗 Go online or in-store for more info!

#greencouch #greensofa #interiordesign #furnituredesign #furniture

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Introducing… our modular sofa — MANHATTAN!

When we say modular, this is what we mean 😉

We love modular sofas as you can make them as big or as small as you want for your space:

Want a three seater chaise? No problem!

What about a corner unit? Got that covered.

A 2 seater only? All good here!

The possibilities are truly endless with this modular sofa…

… 🔗 Go in-store or online to find more information on our modular units!

#stopmotion #modularsofa #trendy #redsofa

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