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Inspiration from Instagram

It’s Monday! If only rolling out of bed and starting your day was as easy as rolling out our rugs 😉

Hope the sunny weekend was kind to you all — let’s hope the sun sticks around!

#viral #trend #rugs #transition #mondaymotivation

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The unsung heroes of the household — the dining chair!🪑

I think it’s time we put the SPOTLIGHT on our dining chairs! We all use them every day, but we rarely think about them.

Dining chairs are the backbone to every family gathering — taking chairs from the kitchen to bring into the sitting room, to give others a seat to sit on!

Not to forget how versatile they are! Don’t have a ladder to change you lightbulb? Dining chair. Need to reach something in the high press? Dining chair.

How often do you sit at your kitchen table and think about your chair? If you do, is it a positive thing? Or a negative one? Do you say how (un)comfortable a chair is?

🔗 Go online to view our whole range of dining chairs! See you there!

#stopmotion #diningchair #runrunrun #trend

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🛋️ Which version of Vettori do you prefer?

The corner unit?
The 3-2-1 set-up?

Typically, those with larger spaces in their home would see various units differently than those with smaller spaces, and visa versa! it’s all about what works best for you, your needs and your space!

Both set-ups are similar with their electric recliners, power headrests, colour and stitching, but the physical structure is very clearly different!

A corner unit can be more suited to those who want:
✨ space optimisation
✨ versatility
✨ a modern aesthetic

Whereas a more traditional, 3-2-1 set up is more suitable for those that want:
✨ an ease of placement
✨ accessibility
✨ design flexibility

What do you think?

🔗 Go in-store or online today to read more about our Vettori range! See you there!

#recliner #loungesets #sofa #couch #interiordesign

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We’ve been obsessed with lighting recently and decided to put one of our pendants above the locker — and WOW do we love it!

It really changes the space and adds so much dimension to the room, would you try this? 🤩

Chair: Talia in velvet rust
Bedroom: Karma range
Pendant: Waved glass single

#trendy #bedroomstyle #pendantlights

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