Our extensive collection of divan beds in Ireland caters to all your sleeping needs, providing a perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Whether you're searching for a space-saving single divan bed or a luxurious double bed with ample storage, our divan bed base options are designed to meet your preferences and elevate your bedroom experience.
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A: A divan bed is a type of bed base that consists of a sturdy wooden frame covered in fabric. It typically features a platform top or springs for support and can be paired with a mattress to create a complete bed. Divan beds often come with storage options such as drawers or ottoman-style lifting mechanisms. 

A: Yes, we have a variety of divan beds available with built-in storage options to maximize space in your bedroom. Choose from single divan beds with drawers or ottoman-style bases that provide convenient storage solutions for bedding, clothing, and other items. 

A:Our collection includes divan beds in various sizes to suit different needs and room dimensions. Whether you're looking for a single divan bed for a compact space or a double divan bed for a larger bedroom, we have options available to accommodate your requirements. 

A: Yes, if you already have a mattress and only need a new bed base, we offer divan bases separately. Our divan bed bases provide sturdy support and come in a range of sizes to fit standard mattress dimensions. You can also choose from different fabric options to match your existing decor.