Step into the Catalogue, where every piece tells a story of timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship. Our living room furniture and accessories are meticulously chosen to elevate your home. Immerse yourself in the world of cozy comfort with our selection of sitting room furniture, where every piece is designed to strike the perfect balance between form and function.
Indulge in the allure of our side tables for the living room, providing the perfect companion to your seating arrangements. Enhance the ambiance with our meticulously crafted living room lighting options, casting a warm glow that transforms your space into a sanctuary of relaxation. Explore the charm of corner unit living room furniture, offering innovative solutions to optimize your layout without compromising on style. Our collection of living room mirrors not only adds depth to your space but also reflects your sophisticated taste. Dive into the artistry of large living room rugs that anchor your room and create a sense of cohesion. From tasteful coffee tables to versatile console tables, each piece is an opportunity to express your unique style. Complete the narrative with our selection of shelves and sitting room TV stands, seamlessly integrating technology into your décor. And for those seeking the perfect home office setup, our collection extends to ergonomic office chairs and functional office desks. Create a workspace that inspires productivity without sacrificing style, and seamlessly integrate home office furniture into your living space for a cohesive and efficient design.   Immerse yourself in the beauty of thoughtful design with Catalogue, where every detail is a testament to our commitment to creating living spaces that inspire and captivate.Shop online or in-store.


A: We offer a wide selection of living room furniture, including modern designs, coffee tables, console tables, side tables, office chairs, TV stands etc.

A: Select living room furniture that fits your room size, matches your style, and meets your needs. Choose pieces that complement your decor and offer comfort and practicality.

A: Our most comfortable range includes plush sofas, cozy armchairs, and soft cushions designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. 

A: Absolutely! We provide delivery services throughout Ireland, ensuring you can enjoy our modern living room furniture no matter where you are in the country.

A: Yes, we offer a selection of home office furniture tailored to fit seamlessly into your living space. Our range includes wooden bookshelves and stylish console tables that can double as functional workstations.