Vinyl Buying Guidelines

When selecting your vinyl, we recommend making your choice with the following considerations in mind.


Choosing the Correct Type of Vinyl to Suit Your Requirements

When deciding upon your new vinyl flooring, we recommend taking into consideration the room that you are purchasing it for. Are you upgrading the main living space or the dining room? Or is your new vinyl for moisture-prone rooms, such as the bathroom or the kitchen? The type of room will determine the quality and style of the vinyl required.

Another important factor to consider is the amount of traffic the flooring receives, as it will determine its longevity. Is your new vinyl for a hectic living room, play room or hallway? A good, strong and solid vinyl floor should remain durable in each of these contexts.

Lastly, the colour and pattern of your new vinyl flooring is another factor to consider. We stock a wide variety of styles, including imitations of granite, mosaics and wood flooring. Additional patterns include vinyl with a tile-like appearance in modern, ultra-sleek colours and patterns.


How to Measure for Your New Vinyl Floor

Taking measurements for your new vinyl flooring is similar to measuring for a carpet. If you choose to measure the room yourself, we advise measuring the length and breadth of your room in order to achieve the squared result. It is also important to measure any additional alcoves and corners – or, if you are measuring a hallway, any turns in the corridor also need to be included in the final measurements.


If you would prefer to avail of our professional room measuring service, please contact us, or ask in store for more details. A member of our dedicated flooring department will contact you to arrange a day for taking the necessary measurements and will also endeavour to guide and assist you in your choice of vinyl.


Installing Your New Vinyl Flooring

If you would like to avail of our professional fitters, do not hesitate to ask our dedicated flooring department to organise a date for your new floor to be delivered and fitted. For more details about this service, we recommend asking our flooring sales team.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining the brand new appearance of your vinyl flooring is easy when regularly swept with a household brush. After sweeping away debris and dirt, we recommend mopping the vinyl floor on a regular basis. Be careful with liquids spilling, as it’s better to clean any spills as soon as possible to prevent them staining the surface.

When it comes to mopping vinyl, use warm water and mild soap on a regular basis. It is important to rinse the floor using a gentle mop, with clean warm water, to eliminate any soap residue. Be careful not to soak the floor, as too much moisture will move under the vinyl, rendering the adhesive ineffective.

Adding a rug is not only a great idea for complementing the décor of a room, it is also a good method of protecting the surface of vinyl flooring. In the case of requiring a repair for your vinyl, a piece of the material can be cut to fix any damages that may occur. Ask in-store for more advice and details about this.