6 Tips on How NOT to Treat Your Furniture: Outlined in GIFs

Getting the best out of your furniture is often a matter of care – as is ensuring the longevity. Admittedly, we have taken a humorous approach here, but nonetheless, we’ve listed several key tips on how not to treat your furniture… Funnily enough, Mr Bean is a prime example of two no-nos.



Test the Mattress, Don’t Attack the Mattress

GIF: Mr Bean – Tiger Aspect Productions

It’s not a trampoline folks. Do try it out, test the comfort, the resistance and have a good lie down in the store’s bedding department and see what suits your needs. But jumping is a bad idea…




Measure Your Home

GIF: Friends – Bright/Kauffman/Crane & Warner Bros

Doorways and stairways are the enemy. So, measure everything before you buy large items. There’s only so much pivoting can do for a too-large sofa.



No Dangerous Heavy Lifting

GIF: Sesame Street – Sesame Workshop

Our delivery team will install the furniture in your home. Don’t take any chances moving the heavy bits yourself.




GIF: Paddington – FilmFair London

Our team will also assemble all items delivered to your home (unless they are sent via Free Nationwide Delivery)




Transportation: Take NO Risks

GIF: Mr Bean – Tiger Aspect Productions

When availing of Click & Collect, if it doesn’t fit, don’t attempt to squeeze it into your car. This will only lead to damages.



No Harsh Treatment

GIF: The Avengers: Marvel Studios

Only the Hulk may smash. Be gentle with the wood, leather, velvet and any other materials that may make up your lovely new purchases. Learn how to best take care of them.




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