9 Gorgeous Gallery Walls to Ponder This Weekend

We’re just a little obsessed with some of the gallery walls we’ve come across in the last while, so we just had to showcase some of them here. Weekend inspiration for interior decor that’ s easy to implement and can be done on a budget, or with a spend-happy approach, is the aim here and we love seeing the results gathered together. 


Shape Up

The clever combination of shapes here creates a visually interesting layout, with equally fascinating detail. It just goes to show that gallery walls don’t need to be perfectly laid, but can be formed from well-created chaos.

Photo: SweetHomeStyle



Clip it On

How clever is the idea of using clipboards instead of picture frames or wall accessories? Cheap and cheerful and pretty fantastic! Better Home really put their own spin on the trend.

Photo: Better Home via Lonny



Warm Meets Cool

The warm parchment-like colouring of half the photo frames, balanced with the black and set on the cool-tone walls works amazingly well. The cohesive drawing styles and generalised nature theme helps to bring the whole thing together even more.

Photo: Apartment Therapy




A clean white wall provides the perfect backing for these slim frames in a variety of tones, woods and metallic finishes. The balance works so well.

Photo: Another Ballroom




The classic approach, using striking gold frames placed in close proximity, is still an absolute treat on a deep, dark wall – particularly when the room is furnished in jewel velvet.

Photo: @theimaginative




A moody matte black wall and matching frames allow these illustrations to stand out and create a really impactful design.

Photo: The Decorista




Gallery walls don’t always have to be picture-happy. We love this bauble wall feature.

Photo: Lonny 



Shelf Life

Instead of having frames and ornaments, sleek shelving creates an ideal platform for decorative items, particularly when it’s laid out in perfect lines and the colour fades into the wall nicely.

Photo: Salty Spaces




These long shelves create the ideal opportunity to not only place frames but layer them – in different sizes – for a beautifully cluttered, but carefully placed, effect.

Photo: House Beautiful



Bonita Wall Art

If you’re looking for a statement piece to build a gallery around, we have had a new addition to our wall art – this stunning Bonita landscape.