Avian Art: Put a Bird on It

We might have been watching one too many episodes of Portlandia, but the ‘Put a Bird on It’ sketch stuck in our heads particularly hard – and when we spotted the new bird wall art that arrived, this post became inevitable. Taking the idea to heart, we’re looking at interiors which use bird motifs or standalone feathered fluffballs to add a touch of tweet-worthy chic and light-hearted decor to any space. 


This wall art is amazing. The combination of painted animals and simple line drawing for the surrounding foliage comes together very nicely.

Photo: Beau Interieur


A gallery wall of storks? Yes, please!

Photo: Etsy



The simplicity of this ornament coupled with the monochrome black and white theme is very effective.

Photo: @my-full-house






Crayon-like crows look phenomenal on this panelled cream wall. The illusion of a rainy downpour in the pastel texture ticks all of the creative boxes.

Photo: The Perfect Black 



Practical, functional and striking, these simple bird hooks create a fantastic wall feature.

Photo: Furniture Fashion



Old-school illustrations pinned with clipboard-style pins create a lovely wall feature.

Photo: Adored Vintage






Our Own Bird Collection/Visual Averie

Each of the picture frames below are available in our stores. Penguin Picture and Cockatoo Picture, €39 each. Parrot Pictures, €229 each.


*The featured gifs and wording of ‘Put a Bird on It’ are the property of Portandia and IFC.