Christmas Countdown – Eight Weeks to Go

You may have noticed that we’ve begun our annual Christmas countdown a little earlier than normal.

What can we say, we’re particularly excited to embrace festive lights, hot chocolate and Christmas movies this year!

We’re Christmas fiends here at Michael Murphy Home Furnishing HQ and just can’t wait to share all our top tips and tricks over the next eight weeks for getting ready for the festive season.

We’ll be sharing all this and more each week on our blog so make sure to stay tuned for your weekly updates.

This week we’re chatting all about prep. Prepping that Christmas pud, prepping those decorations and sharing our general tips on how to be your most festive!

  1. The Christmas Pudding – Easily one of our favourites here at HQ, the work that goes into the Christmas pudding on the weeks leading up to the big day is no mean feat. The key to creating the perfect pud is to let it age, so the sooner you get cracking the better! The best part of the Christmas pudding is that recipes differ and are often handed down through the generations within families, but for beginners, we recommend Nigella Lawson’s Ultimate Christmas Pudding
  2. Organise those Christmas decorations – We don’t need much persuading to get the Christmas decorations down from our attics. However, we know that not everyone shares our manic passion for festive decor. That’s where this years trend of gradual decorating is really going to come in handy for some of you. Who says all the decorating needs to be done in one go? You could hang your door wreath this week and decorate the fire-place with a seasonal garland the next. Before you know it your house will be a winter wonderland and you won’t even realise!
  3. Channelling your inner elf – If cracking on with the Christmas pud and throwing up a few decorations around the house hasn’t already got you in the festive mood, we’ve got plenty of tips. From snuggling up and watching your favourite Christmas movies on Netflix to treating yourself to a delish hot-chocolate (home-made for the win), or wrapping presents if you’ve started your Christmas shopping, there are so many ways to spread the Christmas cheer!