Cutlery Storage Solutions for Smaller Kitchens

Smaller kitchens can become quite crowded with kitchenware and the like, making it stressful to cook in and greatly reducing your enjoyment of this all-important room.

One type of kitchen utensil we do tend to see piling up more often than others is cutlery, but thankfully there are plenty of smart storage solutions for cutlery, all of which will help you to maximise space in a smaller kitchen.

For instance, you could grab a couple of small galvanised buckets from your local garden store, hang them up high on a shelf in your kitchen, add your cutlery and violá!


(Image credit: Amy Herr)

Large empty glass jars are also ideal for this task and can be adorned with a paper decoration for an added visual element.


(image credit: Katelyn James)

If you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a creative mood then you could make some of these cute little chopping board cutlery holders: simply cut a pocket-sized piece of fabric, glue or staple it to an old wooden chopping board and add your cutlery.


(Image credit: DIY Enthusiasts)