Declutter Your Home with the 10 Percent Method

Do you find it hard to get rid of unwanted items?

Are you struggling to declutter your home ahead of Christmas?

If so then you may benefit from employing the 10 Percent Method when trying to part with items you no longer need.

As noted by Apartment Therapy, the 10 Percent Method was dreamed up by decluttering business Done & Done Home and helps clients to let go of things they no longer use or need.

It aims to reduce clutter by removing around 10 percent of each item group.

For example, if you own multiple pairs of runners the likelihood is that some of your runners may be worn on a regular basis but the majority are probably just gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe.

Simply lay out all the runners (or any item you have in excess) out on the floor and reduce the number by 10 percent e.g. remove one pair of runners from a set of ten pairs and donate and recycle the unwanted pair.

You can use the 10 Percent Method to reduce any amassed items, from cutlery to clothing, books and everything in between.