How to Declutter Every Room in the House: Bedrooms

The bedroom is the one space in our homes where we can fully unwind and catch up on some much needed sleep, which is why it’s essential that this room be kept clean, calm and free from clutter.

When decluttering a bedroom, start with the wardrobe and place unwanted or unworn clothing into a black bag for your local charity store or recycling centre.

Work your way around the room clearing out all unused items from your dresser, under the bed and anywhere else you’re storing items.

Take note of where clutter is most likely to build up again in the future and introduce smart storage options to prevent this from happening e.g. if there’s a constant pile of dirty clothes occupying one corner of your bedroom then it’s probably time to purchase a laundry basket.

It’s also a good idea to give your bedroom a full clean (hoover, dusting, wash windows etc.) once a week to keep the room irritant-free, ensuring you can fully relax when in bed.