Make the Most of Wallpaper with These Innovative Decorating Ideas

While most of us just use wallpaper to, well wallpaper, there are a number of creative individuals out there making the most of wallpaper by decorating other areas of their homes with it.

As a recent article from Apartment Therapy points out, there’s plenty of places around the house that really benefit from a few sheets of wallpaper, such as the staircase we can see in the below image.



In addition to adorning once-boring staircases, you can use a few sheets of eye-catching wallpaper to jazz up the interior of glass-front cabinets, as seen in the image below.



Or how about framing an art piece of wallpaper with picture moldings to create a unique and invigorating statement piece?



Back to the kitchen now and a truly aesthetically pleasing use of print wallpaper on a kitchen island.



Wallpaper is great for brightening up otherwise dull places and works well in a variety of settings, so why not try experimenting with some beautiful print wallpaper the next time you’re thinking about sprucing up your home.