Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Small living spaces often call for creative solutions when it comes to storage.

Keeping all your bits and bobs safely stored away can be quite a trying thing to do when you live in a smaller living space, but there are a number of forward-thinking tips you can employ to maximise your total storage space.

For example, you should always aim to use vertical space as much as possible as opposed to storing items on the floor e.g. a well-placed bookshelf will keep smaller items neatly tucked away and within reach.

Similarly, you’ll find that there’s often plenty of valuable storage space to be found on top of tall appliances like fridges in addition to cabinets and the like, providing you with ample room for kitchenware and other small items.

You’ll also find space for storage under to sofa, bed and any other large pieces of furniture you have in your home, so be prepared to take advantage of every nook and cranny you can find.