The Biggest Sofa Trends of 2018

It’s worth spending some time researching into what’s on offer when looking for a new sofa for your home as it ensures that you find the right style, shape and material for your existing décor.

Sofas, as with every other element of the house, are subject to trends and we’ve rounded up some of the biggest sofa trends of 2018 to help you find the right choice for your home.

One of the biggest sofa trends of the year is colours and textures, and by that we mean a stronger focus on bright and bold colours and plush textures that are extremely soft-to-touch (think soft leather and velvet).

Leather sofas are making something of a comeback this year and will be extremely popular in households across the country.

Another bigger sofa trend for 2018 is matching furnishings e.g. matching your sofa with a complementing footstool or armchair, so play around with different combinations if this is something you think you’d like to introduce to your home.

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