The Christmas Countdown – Seven Weeks to Go

Can you believe it? We’ve got just over seven weeks to go before Christmas! If you’re anything like us and can’t believe how quickly the time is going, pay close attention to today’s post as we dish out more tips, tricks, and guidelines for successfully prepping for Christmas.

Black Friday bargains are about to begin…

Have you already started picking up gifts for Christmas yet? Keep your eyes peeled on your favorite brands over the next few days as they begin to launch their Black Friday sales. Plan carefully so you don’t get swept up in all the discounts though!

Ready, steady, wrap!

Are you particular about wrapping gifts and your wrapping paper selection? Do you invest in ribbon, gift tags, and cute springs of holly mixed in-between? Or do you wrap a sheet around whatever gift you’re giving and hope for the best? Either way, the shops have stalls of wrapping paper available right now to suit all budgets.

Christmas cards. A thing of the past?

Are Christmas cards a thing of the past, or do you still send them? If you do, or you think you’d like to start, now’s the time to get picking yours out. Cut off dates are fast-approaching for those of you with friends and relatives abroad to make sure they get theirs on time.