The Pop Art Collection – Ask the Experts

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Take your interior cues from the greats and channel your inner Andy Warhol this season with our POP ART collection.

This eye-catching new range is inspired by the movement that saw modern artists like Warhol, Liechtenstein and Hirst explore new ways of visualising and creating with the traditional functions of art.

Cleverly blending colour and abstraction, each piece of furniture is a statement piece, in itself, a work of art.

We recently sat down with Ausra, a member of the visual merchandising team in our flagship store in Newbridge to chat about styling the POP ART collection at home.

1) Tap into neutrals.
Pairing the gorgeous teal from the Pop Art collection with popular nuetral shades like taupe and white help give these pieces a more grounded feel, making then easily styled at home.

pop art collection

2) Don’t be afraid to colour block. 
Mixing and matching some of the beautiful shades within the collection is part of the fun. Go wild!

pop art collection

3) Embrace the pastels.
Is it really a spring-time interior without some pastels? We love the sage green hue from the Pop Art collection paired with the millineial pink offerings we have in-store and online at the moment.

pop art collection

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