We love detail and ornamentation, particularly if it’s tailored specifically to its surroundings. Perhaps that’s why tiles are such an effective way of adding decoration to a home. To pull in some general inspiration we had a browse of some stunning ideas on Pinterest, pulling our favourite pieces which we have featured below. From  full mosaics to hand-painted individual tiles, the versatility and variety of designs ensures that something suitable can be found for any home. 


Detailed Mosaic

Highlight: How could anyone resist the delicacy of the rose/bird motif (bottom; right)? The colour and careful placement of each tile depicting the branches, flowers and multitonal birds are perfection.

Photo credits: Michaelsweermosaic, Redbubble, , Thetravelsanctuary, Pinterest, Naturalstone



Highlight: Who doesn’t appreciate a touch of shine – particularly in these grey and neutral tones – but the damask design (centre) has to be the winner; what with its mocha colouring and dedication to shining pattern.

Photo credits: Pinterest, Bravotti, Mineraltiles


Tiled Stairs

Highlight: The bright turquoise colouring used on the stairscase to the right makes it stand out, working beautifully with the overall palette and the white surroundings.

Photo credits: Brookegianetti, Bloglovin, Wikihomes


Square Tiles

Highlight: The simplicity of the grey and white tiles (bottom; right) may be subtle, but it makes an impact in terms of how fresh and bright the palette is – as well as the careful designs employed on each tile.

Photo credits: Carreuxmosaic, Perini, Pinterest, Pinterest


Feature Tiles

Highlight: The charming depiction of the crow, as well as the green and black palette make the bottom; left tile a major hit. The movement in the foliage, as well as the intricate line work used is spectacular.

Photo credits: Marbleinspiration, Modernpottery, Rookwood, Carreauxdunord,